Wolfy Moon meets Crabby Countess

The Water Goddess represented by the Crab, Cancer, is often touted as “sensitive”. While this statement has some truth, Cancer is not the cliche society paints emotional people to be. Intuitive individuality when met with astute alignment is Cancer’s mightiest blessing: though perhaps full of feels, Cancer is wise in the understanding of the human heart. In balance, their bright and beautiful (yet collected) capacity of sound support and patience creates solid and loving environments. Cancer wants what is best for all. That being said, in weakened states, Cancers can be too forgiving, but once their boundaries are made, it’s a binding act. You mess with their loved ones or waste their time and it’s bye-bye for you.

Each Full Moon takes on the qualities of the astrological sign in which it sits. 2020’s first Full Moon in Cancer is to be met with an epic Lunar Eclipse around 2:21 PM EST this Friday January 10th. Forever Consciousness posted a previous article explaining what energetically happens during the Full Moon as it tucks behind the Earth’s shadow, put in short, “Lunar Eclipses signify a time of great change and upheaval”. This is an opportune time to journal, do shadow work or put forth detailed planning for an important advancement in your life. As it is January, measuring our goals REALISTICALLY, accepting limitations and fostering a willingness to make the best of what we can currently work with is ideal for the moment. All Full Moons are swelled with emotion and energy, perfect for releasing or letting go of what no longer serves, shedding a role, finishing a task or closing a chapter.

Today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is heightened by its station in cautious but caring Cancer. Every year’s 1st Full is known as the Wolf Moon, a Native American tradition now acknowledged worldwide in Astrological and Astronomical practice. Wolves represent a Loyalty in Life and Love, Courage to Overcome Obstacles, Strength in Societies and Skill in Survival (especially in Winter). The Wolf’s practical yet poetic mythology can guide humans in navigating our purpose as a unit. Wolves are curious creatures, but also clan animals and must do the work to maintain peace in their portion of the Forest.   

Cancer rules the familial and domestic, its shell a home, dwelling in the womb of the World (the sea), and burrowing in the Earth (sand), safe and snug. The Crab is swift on its feet, with claws that are a tool and a weapon. Crabs and Cancers are both social and solitary, communal and introspective. Genuine, caring and whimsical, they can be open in some ways yet selective in sharing and quiet around newbies. When trusting, they are full of spirit in comfortable cajole. Relationships are priority; they want quality over quantity; their sweetness is met with an equal sharpness of mind.

All of these elements illuminate what could serve us at this time. How can the strong and sensitive stature of Cancer improve your world view and the way you conduct your day-to-day? Sadly, the Eclipse’s penumbral presentation will not be visible for the Americas, but regardless, today marks the first of 4 Lunar Eclipses in 2020:  June 5th, July 5th and November 30th! According to Wikipedia:  “At least two lunar eclipses and as many as five occur every year, although total lunar eclipses are significantly less common.” These are some question we propose you ponder: How can we be objective and less reactive? How can we be in touch with, but not drowned as empaths by, the weight of the world around us? What can we do to strengthen our resolve to help others and take care of ourselves at the same time? What do we want for our home lives? For our communities? How can we have less fluff in our day-to-day business duties and get down to the heart of actions that will propel us forward? The combined energies of the Lunar Eclipse, the Wolf Moon and the Cancer Goddess all bring these things to mind. Blessed Be to you all – and may you have warmth and healing in this Full Cancer Wolf Moon!

Illustrations by AnimalSleepStories.com

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Arktoi, Students of Artemis, "little she bears" in a period of "ritual wildness" + "en"/"in" + "alt"/"everything"

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