Illustration: Rose Wong

You’ve probably seen 30-day challenges floating around: songs, drawings or (our favorite) #cottagecore. Now that we’re in (anxiety-inducing) quarantine, we jokingly introduce a #quarantinecore challenge, though in hopes it fosters the ignition of self-care, stress relief, staying present, learning skills and creative expression. Communal care is vital at this time. Though we will likely not be in quarantine for 30-weeks (APRIL FOOLS), April’s nationwide lock-in poses many challenges. Our routines, social lives, activities, bodies, mental health, finances, and much more are undergoing a great shift in adapting to this situation. In this, we have the ability to see necessity in a different light, to discover interests we may have lost and find new ways of going about our rearranged day-to-day tasks.

#quarantinecore suggests healthy distraction, a balance of pleasant “productivity”, physical rest, emotional release, comfort and other forms of nourishment as top priority. These prompts are to explore how you’re coping and what you’re creating. This is definitely light-hearted (no diss to the seriousness of the situation), but above all, here are some suggestions for what y’all can pursue whilst staying at home. 

  1. PLAY LIST:  playlist you’ve made or discovered
  2. HOME GROWN:  indoor or outdoor gardening
  3. SUPPORT LOCAL:  shoutout to local independent biz
  4. NEW RECIPE:  try a new recipe
  5. KEEP SLEEP:  to alarm or not alarm? shifts in sleep, resetting schedule, etc
  6. PAMPER PROCESS:  embracing skin and body regimens
  7. SERENE SCREEN:  relaxing ASMR, guided meditation & movie/tv 
  8. ART THERAPY:  show your art!, pick up an old or new medium
  9. SNAIL MAIL:  send something in the post
  10. FACE TIME:  video chat with your peeps
  11. DANCE PARTY:  self-explanatory!
  12. SPRING CLEAN:  organizational, decluttering, etc
  13. FOOD FUSION:  meal made with unexpected odds and ends
  14. CURATED CLOSET:  sort, donate, sell, outfit of the day…
  15. BOOK WORM:  what you’re reading
  16. SWEET TREAT:  fav go-to, baking, cravings
  17. GOOD GAME:  gamer indulgence
  18. PUP DATE:  or any other pet time
  19. SUN STEPS:  daily walk thoughts
  20. SOLO SPA:  enjoy an infrequent home treatment
  21. HOME SCHOOL:  learn something new, kids’ school set-up
  22. WORK IT OUT:  exercise at home or, alternately, conflict resolution
  23. BUDGET CLEANSE:  what you’re cutting back on, financial adjustment
  24. FENG SHUI:  rearrange a room or shelf, make an altar, sensory space spruce
  25. WORD WORK:  poem, journal, or other piece of work that helps with mental health
  26. SELFIE MODE:  show your selfies
  27. FOUND FUNNY:  what’s made you laugh your ass off recently
  28. UNLIKELY LOVES:  a piece of media or activity you’ve unexpectedly enjoyed
  29. FOCUS FORWARD:  plans for the future
  30. LIFE LESSONS:  what you’ve learned from this experience

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Arktoi, Students of Artemis, "little she bears" in a period of "ritual wildness" + "en"/"in" + "alt"/"everything"

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