Late Summer Lioness in Leisure

Welcome to our Museletter, appropriately debuting alongside the 2020 Leo New Moon. 

We are living in a strange time of conflict and chaos, under a reign of terror by abuse of power,  and finding the balances of our lives having shifted dramatically under the rearrangements that have taken place due to COVID-19. When the idea for this collective began, we never imagined we’d ever experience anything of this magnitude. Ironically, we have found that quarantine has solidified our need for creative expression, though not assuming it would be riddled with bullets, wake-up calls and war on the people… Our world is in pain. 

Perhaps our little corner is of escapism, eating glitter limes and strawberry-coated, rainbow-sprinkled fairy cakes, perhaps also the stringing silver bubbles in the forest trees. We were typically happy, most always content, but not unfamiliar to our own ails:  confessionals, ego bloodletting, medication, mental yoga. All happy femmes need outlets, all happy femmes have hatreds.

Let it be known, we are real. And by real, we are messy. We are not perfect. We may like our things raspberry or coffee-flavored and prefer heavenly or robotic sounds from one day to the next. Akin to the mysteries of the misters, we can wear a business suit under ballroom gowns. We make weapons of ballpoint pens, size 17 knitting needles or a 1960’s Asahi Pentax, shit brand guitar catastrophes, bouts of catty fatalism, lovechild optimism or a happy wok. We will likely infographic runes & then review The Penal Colony. That’s just how we roll. 

We like baking, sleeping, dreaming, collaging (and other such things involving scissors and glue), crafting head dresses and crowns, playlisting arrays of obscure music, parce screen printing, reading (especially children’s literature, feminist philosophy, fairy tales, satires and poetic goddess sprung pieces), design, film, vigilence, bedroom dancing, park visitation, friendships, bicycles, portrait taking…

Perhaps this little nook has been scratched out in the yard with a stick. This is us as a worm, snuggling into earth caves, not solely to drain inner disturbances, the lunacy of moon’s tide and heartaches heavier than brick (though non-elephantine). We want to share our exploration into the future with a heavy appreciation of and look into the past.

Please be aware of the ridiculous, the fresh, the sweet, the sting, the depressed, the embarrassing, & the joyous. A thanks to you who have arrived, who’ve taken moments to pause and view the material. There is much more to come.

Your grateful hostesses,

Sun + Soph

Review:  3 Women (1977) – Robert Altman

Starring Shelley Duval, Sissy Spacek, and Janice Rule

There is something to say about a film that can keep you fully creeped out with no overuse of blood and gore. Between the jarring tones of ominous flutes to the puzzling analogies of the feminine condition (water being a constant rune throughout the film), 3 Women leaves you in a state of unsettled daze. Rumor is the 1977 psychological thriller by the prolific Robert Altman is a script derived entirely from a dream. Not only was 3 Women manifested in the lucid kingdom, it was also never written into a proper screenplay, simply 50 pages of treatment filmed according to daily improvised scenes written by Altman and Patricia Resnick. 

Altman does an excellent job of connecting his audience to the human behavior of his characters through colors, strangely banal dialogue, subliminal choices in cinematography and most importantly through the casting of Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Janice Rule. Shelley Duvall walked away as “Best Actress” at Cannes for her role as the garrulous priss, but Sissy is hard to forget as she naturally transforms, so believably, from the sheepish, furtive teen to the sultry kitten and back again. Janice Rule awakens the beguiling spirit of the film, pregnant with a scoundrel’s child, yet portraying the strongest female energy of the 3 Women

If you’re looking to get lost in a peculiar vortex of ethereal feminine nuance while drinking a beer in your quarantine pants, this would be the choice.  – Soph


Since lockdown began mid-March, it’s been difficult to listen to sad songs. 

Continuing to observe safety measures/social distancing as we approach Fall, our music choices have HEAVILY leaned towards the cornball category. Queue Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September”. Amid the heartbreak of our everyday American news, the grooves of 1970’s mellow-pop offer only a temporary relief, but nonetheless have been of particular interest in our rotating playlists.

Mom & Pop Rock compiles the hits of the 1970’s, especially popular with Stevie Nicks margarita moms and boosting the genre best known as “dad yacht rock”. 

As the sweat and stench of late summer lingers, the weirdlings of “back-to-school” (ahem, Virgo) energies and a yearn for the Autumnal, turning towards the posi-nostalgic-wonder of slick soul, funk and folk pop mash-ups finds the zap of the Stupid Daystar (a.k.a. the Sun) much more bearable. Mom & Pop Rock is our primo playlist for these 1970’s smooth moods (not that we have ever existed within that decade). You’ll find plenty of boho-hits from the likes Fleetwood Mac to the lovey-dovey of the late Bill Withers, ushering in the remainder of the Summer season with a smooth groove. – Sun


A great explanation of today’s Leo New Moon, especially as it relates to the upcoming Mars Retrograde, with a meditation + mantras by the amazing Alina Alive. Please check out her YouTube channel and Instagram for more amazing content.

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