Aquafaba is Amazing: GF Vegan Pancakes

Aquafaba (the juice of soaked chickpeas) is incredibly versatile. It is a major canned staple, used for hummus, curries and salads, and often a must in the vegan or vegetarian pantry. When we learned you could use the liquid from canned chickpeas as an egg replacer, we were extremely intrigued. As we are attempting toContinue reading “Aquafaba is Amazing: GF Vegan Pancakes”

The Vegan Gravy Train

The Grit in Athens, GA has remained a major favorite for locals and visitors alike over the past few decades. As a vegetarian teen, I fell in deep amour with their strong savory plates and selection of delicious pies. Located in an old brick building owned by Michael Stipe, The Grit houses one of myContinue reading “The Vegan Gravy Train”