You’ve probably seen 30-day challenges floating around: songs, drawings or (our favorite) #cottagecore. Now that we’re in (anxiety-inducing) quarantine, we jokingly introduce a #quarantinecore challenge, though in hopes it fosters the ignition of self-care, stress relief, staying present, learning skills and creative expression. Communal care is vital at this time. Though we will likely notContinue reading “#quarantinecore”

Stay Home: The Salvation of Solitude & Self-Care

In my soul lives a homebody. Happiest, she sips herbal tea and reads fantasy novels, bathes by glow of candles made of moons and drifts of woods. Actualized, she home-makes, finds harmony in color palettes and admires the look of light in rooms as it shifts through the day. From its spread into the morningContinue reading “Stay Home: The Salvation of Solitude & Self-Care”

Glamour Magick, Queer Beauty & Ipsy

“Glamour Magick” is the simple idea that we enhance our appearance with conveyed intention to attract certain outcomes or energies to us. It could be dressing for a job interview or a date, using color correspondences for symbolic confidence, or incorporating charms into our wardrobe. “Glamour” itself is the celebration of the feminine divine onContinue reading “Glamour Magick, Queer Beauty & Ipsy”

New Year, New View

Welcome to 2020! The Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat is upon us come late January. A Metal Rat somehow reminds us of Splinter from TMNT or some kind of ripped rattail crust-punk with a Discharge shirt. Anarchic, anar-chic? In Chinese astrology, the Rat is the first in the Zodiac, bringing new beginnings, isContinue reading “New Year, New View”

Daylight Savings of Your Soul

Daylight savings brings dread for some:  it grows darker more quickly and after the typical American workday, it’s often doomingly dark once we walk out of the office. The cold is creeping in, along with many months of layers and less light ahead. For morning people, the time-change can be a welcome transition:  the dayContinue reading “Daylight Savings of Your Soul”