Symposium Vol. I Pandora’s BeatBox

The first Symposium focuses on themes of limitation and transformation. Released on Halloween 2020, under a Taurus Blue Moon, just shy of the tense U.S. Presidential election, Vol I. accents of the situational chaos that draws a fine line between the personal and political. 

Works by Krystal B. Woods, Naomi., Catherine Rush, Katie DeCantillon, Judas Kane, Beth Hartman, Murda Hill, Ammavie, Faith Naoi, Amy Anderson, Samantha Michelsen, Lindsay Reyna, Henora Sommerfugl and Fallon Gold.

Xerox, black & white, quarter-size, small print. Limited edition. US shipping only at this time. To respect the absentee ballots, all online orders will be sent after the November 3rd election.

Including US Shipping$7

Vol. II Coming Soon

2nd volume of Symposium slated for Spring 2021.

“Every spoken word double-crosses us. The only tolerable form of communication is the written word, since it isn’t a stone in a bridge between souls but a ray of light between stars.”

— Fernando Pessoa

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